IDF Unveils ‘Humanitarian’ Checkpoint Unit

Coming quick on the heels of a recent controversy surrounding the treatment of Palestinians at IDF checkpoints, the Beeb brings word of a new checkpoint unit that is trained to deal more humanely with the Palestinian population:

“There is a tension between the need for strict security checks and a desire not to hinder the lives of the Palestinians,” Military Police Chief Brigadier General Mickey Bar-El told the Associated Press news agency.

To overcome this, Brig Gen Bar-El says the specialist unit will be given training in how to conduct security checks, using x-ray machines and explosive detection devices.

They will also be taught about military ethics, human rights and Arab culture, he said.

The new checkpoint unit will be stationed at 11 new hi-tech terminals being built into the separation barrier going up between the West Bank and Israel.

The new plans should, Israeli officials say, reduce physical contact between Palestinians and Israel soldiers and radically speed up the process of passing through a checkpoint.

Progress is slow, but baruch Hashem it happens. Hopefully next they’ll start on ending the occupation…

13 thoughts on “IDF Unveils ‘Humanitarian’ Checkpoint Unit

  1. humanitarian checkpoint reminds me of the idea of benevolent occupation. i guess its better that they are doing this than doing nothing at all, but it seems to me that controlling the movement of palestinians between their own villages in a “humanitarian” way is a bunch of BS.

  2. yeah the occupation of “the settlement of Metzer ” where “qualitative attacks” liquidated despicable five year old occupiers and their mothers. I mean ask any Palestinian and they will tell you that Tel Aviv is is much a settlement as is Gush Katif.

  3. “I mean ask any Palestinian and they will tell you that Tel Aviv is is much a settlement as is Gush Katif.”
    Lets start with one Palestinian. did you do at LEAST that?

  4. asaf, you disgusting little cretin: you deserted the israeli army, you fled israel to avoid her hardships, youve come to ny to enjoy the easy life, you are scum, you are not fit to hold the glove of the lowliest israeli streetcleaner, please just keep on with your muslim conversion lessions, and leave the discussions here to people of goodwill.

  5. avi green, based on your comment I can assume you live now in Israel?
    your comments really dont insult me and just make many people on this site, from right and left, think that you are a jerk.

  6. Hopefully next the [IDF will] start on ending the occupation…
    Daniel, two things;
    -the ‘occupation’, as you know includes all of Israel, (or maybe you just don’t like to listen to Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, or 74% of palestinian arabs)
    -you don’t really believe it depends only on Israel, right?
    Asaf, you’re right – LOL

  7. Finally,
    Moetzet yesha takes a stand and supports not going quietly. Sorry, no english URL available yet: http://www.a7.org/news.php?id=97691
    Pinchas Wallerstein, head of Binyamin regional council, questions the screaming silence from ALL ‘human rights groups’ who do not seem to mind that Jews will have their land illegally expropriated (with no right to object) and not even given fair value. If every instance of the world ‘Jew’ in the ‘seperation’ plan was replaced with Arab, the would human rights groups be as silent?

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