If Anne Frank Only Knew…

North Korean school children are being given The Diary of Anne Frank to read in accompaniment of a lesson plan which draws comparisons between the Nazi regime and the US government. “Anne Frank’s diary is a big plea…for freedom and for peace, but I think in North Korea, the diary is being used to promote war.”

“We were not told that [the book] will be misused in schools. We had no idea,” says Buddy Elias, Frank’s cousin and her last remaining direct relative. “If Anne Frank knew what North Korea was doing with her diary, she would weep.”

Yuh huh. If Anne Frank knew how George Bush has perverted our American democracy and taken advantage of our outrage over 9/11 to advance a war for his own personal profit, killing thousands in the process, I’d think she’d weep as well. Bush is still a Nazi in my book, no matter how much you want to try and convince me otherwise, and I think Anne would weep over the current state of affairs, worldwide. Kim Jong-Il is a scumbag, no doubt, but those students…I think a few of ’em are kind of on point. (Though, clearly not the dunce who wants to fight to the death.)

(c/o Wonkette)

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