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If I Were a Kitsch(y) Man

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that the current Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof would be much, much better if Rosie O’Donnell was wearing tzitzit and Harvey Fierstein was the balabusta in the shmatta.
This? This is just a strange perversion of gender roles, and I can’t say that it makes me entirely comfortable.

6 thoughts on “If I Were a Kitsch(y) Man

  1. Not just queer, queer icons. And did you see him as Edna Turnblat in Hairspray? The image is seared.
    It’s like Laura Bush joining the cast of the L-word. It’s funny.
    I think it’s very successful humor. Or it was until it had to be analyzed.

  2. Point taken. Once again, I extend my apologies to the writer.
    Please remember that much of humour is contextual and the the beauty and the curse of blogging is anonimity. When you read the comments on thse queer icons’ (although I would dispute O’Donnell’s inclusion – an individual who, unlike Weinstein, waited until she was good and famous to out herself officially – in this pantheon) gender reversals and feelings of discomfort and you don’t know who is writing, it looks a lot like a lot of straight “humour” vis-à-vis queer artists you see everywhere else. My mistake was assuming and my objection misplaced. Apologies.
    שבת שלו&# 1501;

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