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If it looks like a weapon…

Breaking news from JTA: Sukkot paraphrenalia will be allowed on planes. I suppose in these days of no nail clippers, we should be very very grateful. (I always did wonder what one could do with a nail clipper. I mean, the space between the blades is pretty tiny, and if you unscrewed it, it would be basically two little crescents. Not exactly something with which you could slit a throat).
JTA Breaking news:
Sukkot items allowed on planes
The U.S. Transport Security Administration instructed officials to allow observant Jews to board planes with the four species of Sukkot.
Officials of Agudath Israel of America contacted the agency because Orthodox Jews had heard from airport officials that palm fronds, citrons, myrtle and willow branches would raise suspicions.
Agudah commended the agency for “being so sensitive to this religious issue and to the concerns of observant Jews.”

3 thoughts on “If it looks like a weapon…

  1. Thank G@d! I was so worried about putting the lulav in the baggage section. Those plastic sleeves are expensive enough – can you imagine one that’s unbreakable? And what would happen to the Aravot and the lulav if the baggage freezes?
    What a relief to Jews around the world.

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