If They're Not Wearing A Sheet, Cover Them With A Bag

The NY Post’s Page Six reports that Heeb #9 is “too hot” for Barnes & Noble. A prophylactic poly bag is required to protect against casual encounters with the Sex Issue.

“October 15, 2005 — THE hottest scenes in the Bible, “Heeb”-style, have been declared too hot for browsers at Barnes & Noble. After Heeb magazine shipped its sex issue, Ingram, the country’s largest magazine distributor, called the publisher insisting it seal all issues in poly bags before they would be sent to Barnes & Noble, which has carried previous issues of the self-described “new Jew review” unbagged. In addition to photos of comic Sarah Silverman wearing nothing but a sheet with a hole in it, the fall issue has an 11-page spread of illustrations reinterpreting Old Testament scenes, including one showing Onan and his brother’s wife caught doing what Onan is famous for, and — perhaps most disturbing of all — a Cory Feldman centerfold.”

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