18 thoughts on “If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

  1. No, don’t combine the blogs. I go to Jewlicious when I want to feel good about being Jewish and talk to people are, generally, not fucked up about the fact that they’re Jewish.
    I go to Jewshcool to see what the other guys are saying.

  2. F*cked up and not F*cked up? is that what the Rabbis would say about Shammai and Hillel? – look you may not accept the opinion of Jewschool – and personally I don’t agree with most things on it, but Jewicious is no better – it is NO LESS F*cked up in its own cute, neive and stupid way. Just because one is easier for you to swallow and fits your own ideas about being Jewish doesn’t mean that what Jewschool is saying is any less Jewish, or any less proud to be Jewish in its own equally F*cked up way.
    There is not them and us, there is only all of us – together – with our diverse ideas and beliefs – any attempts to make clear and unequivocally distinctions between distinction between right and left wing Jewish ideologies – fails to see the bigger picture – that we are all allowed to have different opinions – in fact real and authentic Judaism (not something I imagine you are too perhaps familiar with) is actually about celebrating diversity – by accepting decent and differences of opinion and thought. Just as Shammai – may not be an opinion that the majority of Jews hold by – it does not mean that they are any less of an authentic Jewish view than that of Hillel.

  3. It’s cool. No pigeon-holing link sidebar, and no ads.
    I don’t know what the point is but perhaps get the comments link to read/go to the respective site. No reason opening a second forum on the same post.

  4. TM– I read both anyways, I just liked the (marginally) time saving combo idea. And I’ll keep reading both anyways, so wanna stop taking gratuitous potshots at jewschool?
    thanks. . .

  5. Ooooohhh! I’m ignorant of “authentic” Judaism, which values “diversity”!
    I never said that the people at Jewschool aren’t Jewish or that they don’t have the right to their beliefs, whatever they might be.
    But “diversity” also means that I get to take issue with them if I want to.
    Two blogs, three opinions, right?

  6. Sure it does – take issue with the ideas – but accepting the ideas you don’t like as (non-the-less) legitimate Jewish views, you don’t have to like them, but could non-the-less respect.
    Perhaps accepting and respecting the people with those ideas as well?
    Look Ephraim – i don’t expect you to know what i mean by “authentic” Judaism is – Simply because I’m intuatively making it up as I go along.
    The issue you raised was that you feel that people publishing on Jewschool are generally “fucked up about the fact that they’re Jewish” am i right?
    And THAT goes to the heart of what my response which was – ‘authentic Judiasm’ TM, encourages decent and difference of opinion – it celebrates diversity (as mentioned above).
    Today the so-called ‘bastians’ of Judaism are attempting to radicalise/polerise and harmoginise Judaism into a rather bland and uni-dymentional (quite right-wing) lifestyle/belief system.
    Thus the decent, the questioning of the status quo – is actually brings into balance, and helps to reveal the more authentic Jewish TM response – which is the diversity of opinions the space to question to wonder to think out of the box – to marvel.
    Thus to be f*cked up about the fact you are Jewish (if in-fact that is the case – which i doubt) is just as legitimate as blindly accepting everything you are spoon fed by the ‘bastians’ of “Traditional Judaism”.

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