If you’re Jewish and you know it…

If you’re your Jewish and you know it
Burn your wig

You love God and want to show it
Burn your wig

Unless your instincts were prophetic
And your shaitel is synthetic
Go ahead, you won’t regret it
Burn your wig

Semi – custom, fall, or box
Burn your wig
Avodah Zarah’s in those locks
Burn your wig

Be it a Freeda, Ralph, or Clary
Might as well be Mother Mary
So be very, very wary
Burn your wig

If it’s blond or black or brown
Burn your wig

Don’t be the Apikorus in town
Burn your wig

Take it off and don’t go near it
Wear a snood – you’ll have to bear it
Drive a Chevy, but don’t wear it
Burn your wig

Do what’s right, don’t be heretical
Burn your wig

Just stay calm, don’t get hysterical
Burn your wig

Your whole life is still ahead
Go put butter on your bread
But no Buddha on your head
Burn your wig

(c/o Bang It Out)

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