IJPPP: Israel’s Actions Bad For World Jewry

Ma’ariv reports,

The policy of the Israeli government has a negative effect on world Jewry – a report recently published by the Institute for Jewish People Policy Planning found. The Chairman of the new institute, funded and founded by the Jewish Agency, is Dennis Ross – the former chief negotiator for the US Middle East Peace team.

The report accuses the Israeli government of not sufficiently thinking through the ramifications of its actions, especially to Jews and Jewish institutions abroad.

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2 thoughts on “IJPPP: Israel’s Actions Bad For World Jewry

  1. Finally, once and for all, Dennis Ross proves he’s an anti-semite.
    What a typical cliche worded all nicely and wrapped up in nice ‘report’ coming from a high-class ‘think-tank’ (maariv reports this as if this is a respected and objective source):
    Jews cause anti-semitism
    “granting an official status to a consulting world-Jewish body, which would take part in the decision making process. ”
    Thanks for the lesson in democracy Mr Ross. You want the Israeli government to relinquish its power to an outside ‘world body’ made up of people who don’t live here? The mug-shot chosen on the link Mobius provided is perfect, I wonder if it was purposely chosen. That smirk on his face is great.
    I moved to Israel, I vote.
    A bubble that was floated last year after Sharon rose to power (before he turned left) suggested that ex-pat Israelis be given the right to vote (to add a ‘few’ more leftist voters to the lists). 500 000 Israeli ex-pats, many living in the US, and I have to finance giving them a say in running the country they left? Sorry, no. You left Israel, you don’t vote.
    “process of conversion easier” – don’t tell us we should start with wacko missionary tactics.
    Don’t let anyone convince you about ‘the demographic’ problem. The real problem is that Jews are not proud of themselves, and that Jews don’t think the Land of Israel rightfully belongs to them, just Tel Aviv(built on Arab abandaonned villages) and Eilat (not part of ‘land of Israel’).

  2. The World Jewry was granted a privilege by the citizens of Israel via our elected representatives: the Jews of the world can come over here and get naturalisation-on-demand, and be theoretically on equal footing with every Israeli (Jewish or not).
    Israeli citizens living aborad don’t get to vote because they won’t have to live with the consequences of their vote, kal vahomer Jewish non-citizens.
    Jews outside Israel are declining in numbers, melting into the general population, that is something which does not depend on what the Israeli government does.
    As for antisemitism, it is due to antisemites’ actions not Israel’s.

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