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I'm Charlie Buckholtz, bitch!

Via Young Manhattanite:
Rabbi Charlie Buckholtz, a graduate of Yeshivat Bat Ayin and Yitz Greenberg’s shadow at Michael Steinhardt’s Jewish Life Network, got his spot blown up by his sister Alison in a late February column in The Washingtonian. Turns out Rabbi Buckholtz has been life-long friends with Dave Chapelle’s older brother, Sedar, who, like his brother, is a practicing Muslim.

“David and I used to spend the night at people’s houses a lot—Charlie’s family more than any other,” Sedar says. Our household—with two parents, four siblings, and an atmosphere of happy chaos—was, he says, the only stable influence in his life.

It’s a pretty good article, and a pretty serious one at that, taking some of the more challenging questions raised by Charlie’s studies at Bat Ayin head on.

Though many people made assumptions about Charlie’s political beliefs because he lived on a settlement, he says he went there because the yeshiva he attended was the only one compatible with his spiritual interests.
“I didn’t feel comfortable being associated with the extreme and sometimes racist viewpoints of some people in the settlement,” he says. “It was against everything I was about.”
Charlie’s friendship with Sedar has given him knowledge he has used when a Jew makes a negative statement about Muslims. “I say I know for a fact that there are some strong Muslims who aren’t involved in this,” he says, “or that a certain act isn’t representative of Islam—that something is not true down the line.”

Sheeeit, that’s almost as cool as being Sarah Silverman’s brother-in-law. Yossi’s got the one-up on ya, though, cuz his family made it into the routine. 😉

3 thoughts on “I'm Charlie Buckholtz, bitch!

  1. this is a badass article and not cause dave chappelle is namedropped.
    im telling yall, better days are coming soon

  2. Seriously! This is awesome. Between this & that article last month about the school in England, it seems like the middle east is the only place where Jews aren’t getting along with Muslims.
    (and I’ll say Arab Christians as well, since if I don’t I know someone will point out that not all Arabs are Muslims.)
    (or should I say Christian Arabs? Sorry, I just know someone is going to correct me on something.)
    (You all know too much for your own good. Can’t a girl comment in peace anymore?)

  3. yea right, someone is going into a settlement which is terrorising it’s neighbour arab villages, and speaks about respect to islam. respect for humen rights and internatinal law will still need to take some time.
    mobius, i still stand behind all of my promises in the past about taking action if you will move to bat ayin. take care….

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