I'm Goin' To Israel

[Revised] Ladies and gentlemen, I have been accepted for the Dorot Fellowship in Israel. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be taking up residence in Jerusalem at the end of July, and attending Pardes (whose site appears to be down ATM).
To answer a few questions—yes, we should all get together and chill. Maybe once I’m there for a little while I can book a venue and throw a Jewschool party. Here’s what I look like in case you bump into me on the street. I will be blogging from Israel—I ain’t goin’ unless I have broadband guaranteed. And I intend to keep a new blog, which I’ll be calling “The Orthodox Anarchist.” There I’ll be documenting my, mmm, internal conflict with Jewish theology and anarchist philosophy.

17 thoughts on “I'm Goin' To Israel

  1. Wow! Congratulations!
    I know two people who applied for it, but apparently you took their spot? 😛
    Visit me at Hebrew U. Spring semester!

  2. Mazall Tov! My wife and I will also be moving to Jerusalem in July, we’ll be there for a year, she’ll be in Hebrew U. Maybe we’ll see you around! Post a photo or something! Good luck with all the plans and moving etc, let me know if you find any good airfairs! That’s an expensive time to fly.

  3. awesome. I’m not sure what that is but I’ll go look it up. I’ll be living in Beer Sheva for a year, leaving on the 3rd of August .. are you going to blog from J-lem?

  4. umm…so your and orthodox jew thats an anarchist, or an orthodox anarchist thats a jew…is there such thing as an orthodox anarchist…
    could i be more bored at work right now-> doubtful.

  5. Goodtimes. I’ll have to come visit for Christmas [hehe-just kidding. I don’t celebrate that holiday either…but I am an anarchist!]

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