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I'm Not a Dane, I'm a Jew

The New Yorker has an article by editor David Remnick on the Palestinian elections. It’s not online, but an interview with Remnick on Hamas is. It includes this juicy bit:

You write that while you were in the mosque people asked if you were Danish.
I don’t look very Danish. But I don’t think people in Hebron and in Dura have a lot of experience with people from Denmark. So I got asked that quite a lot, and my translator, thank God, was able to explain—and usually, by the way, being an American is no great bargain in situations like that. But, on that particular Friday, it was good enough.

Also, Ha’aretz ran a story on Remnick when he was in Israel writing the piece. It’s an interesting read and reveals some of the ways Remnick has steered the New Yorker:

Israel is the second subject, after Russia, that interests Remnick – and to a large extent The New Yorker, as well – in the world outside the United States (Esther, Remnick’s wife and the mother of his three children, has a sister who lives in Jerusalem; he himself comes from secular Jewish roots, and has no relatives here).

Yes, we control the media, etc.

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