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iMenorah: For the Jew far from home…

Come on, you all wish you’d thought of it first:

Question: can an iMenorah fulfill one’s halakhic obligation to light Hanukkah candles? These folks have a theory based on the electric menorahs folks like to put in the windows of stores in order to be PC at this time of year. Your thoughts, Jewschoolers?

For the Jew far from home!
Take part in the ancient tradition of lighting the Menorah with this simple and beautiful application. Whether you’re traveling, commuting, or fressing on a pastrami and rye, iMenorah is the perfect companion.
* Easy to use
* Appropriate for all ages
* Light candles with the touch of your finger
* Beautiful graphics and animation
* Blessings sung in Hebrew
* Shows the right number of candles during each day of Chanukah (Hanukkah)
* Candles melt over time
A portion of the proceeds from iMenorah will be donated to a San Francisco Jewish charity.
The beneficiary will be chosen based on local needs. Details will be posted to this website.

Editor’s note: In case folks were skeptical (like us) about what they meant by “A portion of the proceeds from iMenorah will be donated to a San Francisco Jewish charity,” we checked with the creators and they confirmed that they have not yet chosen the charity that will receive the proceeds from iMenorah. Mike wrote: “We also didn’t post a specific charity yet so we are free to give to multiple charities if we do especially well. I hope that we can give to both the JCCSF and a local (but not necessarily Jewish-based) holiday food bank.”

3 thoughts on “iMenorah: For the Jew far from home…

  1. Hi Jewschoolers!
    Thank you all so much for your kind comments and interest! My name is Mike Jutan and I am the co-Developer of iMenorah.
    Just wanted to let you folks know that we have made a decision to donate a minimum of 10% of the proceeds (in multiples of $18) from iMenorah to the San Francisco Jewish Community Center (JCCSF).
    Details are posted on our website and on the iTunes listing for iMenorah as of this evening.
    The JCCSF has a real sense of the importance of spreading knowledge, learning, study, discussion… they are incredibly well organized, and they are doing great things for San Francisco (and SF’s Jewish Community, too). We’d like to support their outstanding efforts.

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