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incatstate.jpgOne of the many great pleasures of New York City is the accessibility of great live music, sometimes in unassuming places.  Pianos, of course, is hardly unassuming. It is a hipster stronghold on the Lower East Side.  But don’t hold that against them.  Named after the physics term, catstate, for when two opposing elements can exist on the same plane, this is a smart and serious band.  More concentrated on practicing, perfecting, and recording their original finely crafted compositions, they only gig about once a month. 
This one will be a treat, and signals an impressive rise during the past year since the band’s public debut at Detour.  
In Cat State’s music is disconcerting, but built largely on simple motifs.  But it gets complicated – entangled, almost menacing, though never harsh or dissonant– because of how Michael Lawson (Guitars, Percussion, Programming) weaves, layers, and loops them together.  
Shana Marmon, the other core member of the band (Vocals, Bass) adds a directly sultry component to the music.  She used to be with the Motel Girls, and brings a more traditional alternative drive on top of Lawson’s more atmospheric vibes.  
Marmon attended an Orthodox Day School growing up, but evidently chose a divergent path, despite descending from a prestigious Lithuanian Jewish lineage. 
Marmon repeatedly promises “I will be your lady!” on “bleed,” but it is apparently not quite that easy.  Marmon continually protests the manner in which her partners treat her, but reveals precious few details on any actual misdeeds, though plenty about forthcoming policies of retribution from her disappointment and rage.  One can’t help but suspect that her consternation isn’t a reaction to any specific thing the poor bastard did or didn’t do, but stems from a general dissatisfaction that she holds only most of the keys to the relationship, not all of them, and that if he finally succumbs to the complete submission she demands, she will cease to be interested in him.
This is a night band, and their music takes you out – to a less than well lit place, where within the crowd are a few you might refer to as friends when introducing them to someone, but you don’t really know them that well.  Most you don’t know at all.  But they seem to know the girl you started seeing who is supposed to be your date tonight.  They seem to know her better than you do.  She may have invited them, or they may just have known she would be there.  You should probably retain your wits tonight.  It is probably a good idea to stop with your second drink.  But the drugs are already beginning to kick in….
In Cat State
Tuesday, May 2nd
Tickets: $8
8:30 PM
at Pianos, 158 Ludlow St (at Stanton) NYC
You may download select songs from their website.  My personal favorite is Echo of Me.

2 thoughts on “In Cat State at Pianos

  1. Hey, David. The morsel about Marmon attending an Orthodox Day School is indeed quite tasty. But please, throw us more than a bone! (Whee! Two food images in a row!) What school did she go to? How does it influence her music? (I bet it totally doesn’t.) When she embarks on a sexual liason, does she see her ancestry of saintly memory sitting on her shoulder?

  2. Cat state is a term in quantum mechanics, whereby ONE element can exist in a superposition of two states.

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