In Israel’s Defense

So the guys from Lebowskifest shot me down on bringing the event to Tel Aviv in January. Their reasoning was that they didn’t want to franchise, that they themselves only had an interest in doing two events per year, and that they’d already committed elsewhere within that timeframe. That didn’t stop me from nudging them a bit on the issue.

Anyhow, somewhere in the course of our back-and-forth, one of the organizers made a remark that, well… put me off a bit.

He wrote, “We arent saying no to Tel Aviv absolutely, we’re just saying no right now. Next year we are looking overseas for the fall of ’05 but we will pick a more vacation friendly place in Europe.”

“More vacation friendly place?” I thought. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

And so I replied, “I’m curious as to what gives you the impression that Tel Aviv is not vacation friendly. All these folks seem to be having a good time…” and included this link [NSFF].

To which he replied, “Yowza! That looks like fun.”

And I, again, replied in turn, “Don’t let the media fool you. This place isn’t a war zone. It’s actually a really bitchin place to be.”

To which he concluded, “I’m glad to see that Tel Aviv aint so bad. The media did have me fooled and probably a lot of others.”

Ahh, the power of boobies. To answer your question Josh, perhaps there isn’t “another way to ‘stimulate’ the guys back in America.”

2 thoughts on “In Israel’s Defense

  1. Well, it’s more vacation friendly in Tel Aviv (off-season included), than in most places in the world. Ask Clintonm he nose.
    And the probability of exploding while touring there has become lesser of late, and has also increased in so many other holiday destinations (Madrid, Big Apple, Bali) so while all things aren’t equal, they’re getting there.
    Hhag Sameahh

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