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In McKinney's Defeat

(Since I can’t seem to get the youtube embedding code to work, here’s a visual hyperlinked to the video–check it out).
With the defeat of GA Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, whose anti-war politics and campaigning to hold Bush accountable are longstanding (while folks cheer on Lamont), people definitely have varied perspectives on her politics and Jewish Israeli lobby groups, particularly AIPAC, have critiqued her for her support of Palestinian rights (while other Jews of course have supported her critique of Israeli policies) — her singing Dear Mr. President by Pink on the night of her defeat –definitively poignant and on point.
From “Dear Mr. President”:

Let me tell you bout hard work
Minimum wage with a baby on the way
Let me tell you bout hard work
Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away
Let me tell you bout hard work
Building a bed out of a cardboard box
Let me tell you bout hard work
Hard work
Hard work
You don’t know nothing bout hard work
Hard work
Hard work
How do you sleep at night
How do you walk with your head held high
Dear Mr. President
You’d never take a walk with me
Would You?

[UPDATE:]Thanks Miriam indeed there is quite a buzz of activity covering the conspiracy of Diebold voting machines flipping votes over to Johnson right before people’s eyes, which is why McKinney in her speech discussed the fraud, not of voters, but of using electronic voting machines.

17 thoughts on “In McKinney's Defeat

  1. Word is spreading that Diebold (which handles ATMs quite well) stole her votes [ google: McKinney vote stolen ] . It will be quite interesting to see if she becomes Mexican.

  2. Well, well, well. FINALLY, I found something I have in common with the Simpering Imbecile; I wouldn’t walk with this grotesque Jew-hating monstrosity either, nor, for that matter, sit on a toilet if I knew her ass had touched it. Though I have no reason to believe that any repudiation by mere human beings could wipe that arrogant, condescending smirk off of her hideous mug, here’s hoping she has many years of continued personal and professional humiliations before her. With the bookend defeat of the biggest douchebag in the United States Senate, Tuesday night was one of the most joyous electoral victories in living memory.

  3. Jew-hating? Where’d you get the idea that McKinney hates Jews?
    Btw, David Smith, your vile remarks sound remarkably ‘woman hater.’

  4. Cole wonders why (some) Lamont fans ignored McKinney and pussyfoots around McKinney’s obvious insanity and Jew-hating. A washed-up pop star (who didn’t exactly grow up in poverty herself) is lauded (pointlessly and perfectly preposterously) for stringing together a bunch of cliches. More vote-stealing conspiracies are taken seriously. Bush gets called a Simpering Imbecile. Lieberman gets called the biggest douchebag in the Senate (which just shows how vicious internecine fighting can be – from a Leftist perspective, can Lieberman be worse than most Republicans? Can anyone be worse than the Democrat Klansman from West Virginia, or the drunken Chappaquidick diver?) Miriam denies that McKinney hates Jews, and accuses Smith of being a woman-hater.
    There it is, folks. The Left in a nutshell. Beyond parody. And they’ll wonder why they keep losing elections (and inventing new conspiracies to avoid facing where the blame really lies).

  5. “Do not sit there cowering and pretending the only way to win is as Republican-lite.
    If the Washington-based party can’t get up and fight, we’ll find someone who can.”
    – Molly Ivins

  6. Classic. Krowitz has a thing for McKinney just because she opposes the war and is hated by pro-Israel Jews. Nevermind the fact that the Democratic Party is incredibly embarrassed by her. But then again, you know, I must hate women.
    Get over yourself.

  7. “…grotesque…monstrosity…toilet…ass…hideous mug.” These words certainly do have a woman-hating ring to them (excuse me, though, I did mis-read, and thought ”douchebag” also was being attached to her. Hmm. But, isn’t a “douchebag” only of use to women?).
    Funny, how I’ve heard rightwingers call McKinney a ‘Jew-hater,’ many, many times. Nonetheless, I have yet to actually see any evidence. And, some Jews I know through a fund-raiser for her, when she was campaigning to regain her seat…and I really do not think they are of the “self-loathing” type.
    As for conspiracies: The next time you drink a cup of coffee, visualize the MASSIVE one that goes into its production!

  8. Cynthia McKinney is very well known here in Atlanta, as his her father Billy McKinney, as a rabid anti-semite and lunatic fringe. For just one example of the type of company she keeps, you should have been to her (non)victory party the other night at the primary runoffs..
    From an email sent by the ADL:
    > According to reports and video coverage, as McKinney arrived at her
    > campaign headquarters late last night, Steve Muhammad, one of
    > McKinney’s security staff scuffled with the media and was
    > accidentally struck by a news camera carried by a television
    > photographer, receiving a cut on the right side of his head.
    > Muhammad then physically lashed out at the photographer. During the
    > scuffle, another member of her entourage who wore a New Black
    > Panther Party pin shouted expletives at the media, including
    > calling them “crackers” –a derisive term for whites – and telling
    > them, “You got what you damn wanted. You got your Uncle Tom, now go
    > put your cameras on him,” referring to Hank Johnson, the African
    > American candidate who defeated Ms. McKinney. He continued to rant,
    > “You ain’t in Israel and this ain’t no Lebanese people, so back up.
    > Gonna get your Jewish [expletive]… (inaudible)….”
    > Following McKinney’s concession speech, a reporter attempted to ask
    > the Congresswoman why she thought she lost. The New Black Panther
    > member interrupted, shouting, “Why do you think she lost? You wanna
    > know what led to the loss? Israel. The Zionists. You. Put on your
    > yarmulke and celebrate.”
    > “This incident is reminiscent of the 2002 campaign in which Rep.
    > McKinney’s father “blamed the J-E-W-S” for her defeat,” said Ms.
    > Rose. “Rep. McKinney did not distance herself from the anti-Semitic
    > comments then, and her service in Congress has been clouded by a
    > perception that she also harbors such feelings.”

  9. That doesn’t count, wadnic. Everyone knows that the ADL is just some stupid Zionist organization.
    And btw, Miriam, there were Jews involved in Ralph Nader’s campaign, and he is horrendously anti-Israel. I doubt that they were all self-hating, but their support was surely misguided–some didn’t know about Nader’s anti-Israel bias until later,and their contribution to his campaign screwed over millions of liberals.
    I don’t know what exactly Nader personally thinks of Jews–although I do think that he has suggested some sort of Jewish conspiracy before–but McKinney is an anti-Semite. And if she herself isn’t, she surely surrounds herself by anti-Semites. But hey, some of us used to think that only Mel Gibson’s father was the anti-Semitic one in the family.
    And you know what? There are certainly much greater grounds for labeling McKinney an anti-Semite than there are for your cheap, paranoid accusation of “woman-hating.” (Back when I was growing up, it was called sexism or misogynism. But I guess insane uber-liberals are attracted to simplifying terms as a means for making it harder for people to think for themselves. I wonder why!)

  10. Well, I’m a woman and a feminist. McKinney is an antisemite. I know the difference between being critical of Israel and being antisemitic. I also know the difference between being “pro-Palestinian” and being an antisemite. McKinney is an antisemite and a demagogue. I have to go to work. I will explain why later.

  11. “Jew-hating? Where’d you get the idea that McKinney hates Jews?”
    Miriam, you must have been living in a cave to not know about McKinney’s anti-Semitism. Do you read anything besides sources that confirm your own opinions? Reading your comments for the past few months I suspect you don’t. If you did, you’d know that McKinney’s closest advisors were from the Nation of Islam, that she blamed her previous primary defeat on the “Israeli/Zionist lobby” and all the rest. But hey, you’ll probably dismiss my comments as those of a”neocon” even though I’ve never voted Republican in my life…

  12. Louis Farrakhan stumped for McKinney during her 2002 campaign when “Jews” were repeatedly blamed by McKinney’s father for her faltering in the polls and for her eventual defeat. And she was the only member of the Georgia delegation to vote against the resolution condemning an anti-Semitic speech by Khalid Abdul Muhammad in which he referred to Jews as “bloodsuckers”.

  13. There is a video of her team members slurring Jews after her loss. It is disgusting to watch and while it may not be her talking, it is her team.

  14. Woah with the personal attacks there, kids.
    That said,
    to describe Cynthia McKinney as anything other than batshit crazy would be a gross understatement.
    Just sayin’.

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