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In our mouths and in our hearts: Day 45

Today: Obstruction of justice
556. “You shall do nothing to the girl [who was raped].” (Deuteronomy 22:26) = don’t punish someone who didn’t consent
557. “Do not show him any pity.” (Deuteronomy 19:13) = a murderer or attacker
558. “Do not favor the poor.” (Leviticus 19:15) = in judgment
559. “Do not show deference to the rich.” (Leviticus 19:15) = in judgment
560. “You shall not subvert the rights of your needy in their disputes.” (Exodus 23:6) = don’t be prejudiced against someone based on their criminal history
561. “Do not do unrighteousness in judgment.” (Leviticus 19:35) = finding an innocent person guilty or vice versa, etc.
562. “Do not subvert the rights of the stranger or the orphan.” (Deuteronomy 24:17)
563. “You shall judge your kin with justice.” (Leviticus 19:15)
564. “Do not fear any person.” (Deuteronomy 1:17) = judges shouldn’t fear powerful people in making their judgments
565. “Do not take bribes, for bribes blind the clear-sighted and upset the pleas of those who are in the right.” (Exodus 23:8)
566. “Do not carry false rumors.” (Exodus 23:1)
567. “Do not curse a judge.” (Exodus 22:27)
568. “Do not curse a chieftain among your people.” (Exodus 22:27)
569. “Do not curse the deaf.” (Leviticus 19:14) = and don’t curse any other decent people either, even if they can’t hear
570. “When one has heard a public imprecation and — although able to testify as one who has either seen or learned of the matter — s/he does not give information, s/he is subject to punishment.” (Leviticus 5:1) = if you have testimony to give, go to the court and testify

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