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Independent minyanim hit the mass media

Independent minyanim are featured in Time magazine!

Like Kol haKfar, many of the new communities thriving in cities across the U.S. are run by volunteers–with a healthy representation in their 20s and 30s–and offer religious services organized almost exclusively by e-mail. The groups tend to avoid denominational classification.

Full (very short) story.

4 thoughts on “Independent minyanim hit the mass media

  1. hm the fact that that quote is from the president of the Union for Reform Judaism is puzzling…
    Shout out to independent minyanim in Santa Cruz! Chadesh Yameinu and the Bochur Pad Minyan!

  2. For those in LA or who know people in LA there is a new minyan in ‘the hood’ called PicoEgal. Get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will be meeting this shabbat morning. We have chulent and scotch for kiddush!

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