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Indie minyan collectibles


Indie minyaneers…get your accessories! My minyan (the Mission Minyan in San Francisco) launched this beaut of a bencher this morning. We don’t actually stand to fundraise that much with it, but we wanted to get more Shabbat shwag out there into a community that – let’s be honest – doesn’t see that many weddings in any given year (Yours Truly’s efforts notwithstanding.)
I have a fantasy that other minyans will follow suit, and I can put together a collection of minyan loot from all over the country. Get on it, ya’ll. I want my DC Minyan mousepad and my Hadar frisbee!

9 thoughts on “Indie minyan collectibles

  1. Be warned, this is preorder only!
    They have yet to print the benchers and when they do, will not mail them to you!!!

  2. Only problem is that they’re not shipping them. You have to pick them up in the Mission.
    That makes it a difficult purchase for those of us not living in, um, the Mission.
    Looks cool, though.

  3. Oh yeah, duh. I should have mentioned that. I will pick yours up and mail them to you if you really really want them and you send me a SASE. Drop me a note.

  4. If you come to the Hadar Shavuot retreat in May you’ll get lots of cool Hadar stuff (color-coordinated benschers and water bottles– whoohoo!)

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