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The dribbling mouthpiece Ambassador Michael Oren has officially referred to J-Street as
A Unique Problem.”
According to the Forward:

Addressing a breakfast session at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s biennial convention December 7, Ambassador Michael Oren described J Street as “a unique problem in that it not only opposes one policy of one Israeli government, it opposes all policies of all Israeli governments. It’s significantly out of the mainstream.”
After a speech that touched on the spiritual basis for and the threats to the state of Israel, Oren issued an unscripted condemnation of J Street.
“This is not a matter of settlements here [or] there. We understand there are differences of opinion,” Oren said. “But when it comes to the survival of the Jewish state, there should be no differences of opinion. You are fooling around with the lives of 7 million people. This is no joke.”

Honestly, this chills me to my bones. “A Unique Problem” – How about a consistent and honorable history of Jewish resistance to violent Jewish nationalism. Ambassador, the policies of the government you represent are segregationist, unjust and a slap in the face of the youth that will inherit the fires that you have stoked. For every argument you make that the State of Israel is some bastion of Jewish liberation and humanistic values, you expose the sore, distended tush of your enlightened Hebraism. Quit playing the victim. All the shooting and crying is getting exhausting.
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5 thoughts on “INSANE.

  1. This also means that the left in Israel is a “unique problem”; but with six or so seats in the knesset, its not much of a problem anymore.

  2. I think the scariest part of this is the assertion that anyone with an opinion different from the Israeli government is somehow not interested in the “survival of the Jewish state.” I would argue that said survival is EXACTLY what is the driving force behind J-Street. And it is the very idea professed by Mr. Oren – namely that to disagree with the Netanyahu government is the equivalent to calling for the destruction of the state – that is actually the approach that has the most potential to destroy the state.

  3. I don’t know how I feel about J Street at this point, I can honestly say I don’t know enough about the organization or their work to really comment.
    But I do understand the grave danger of what the ambassador has stated. It is insulting to me as a Jew to think that we necessarily must stand in monolithic support of a state which promotes the very type of oppression which aided in its establishment. I couldn’t agree with you more Eli, we need to move beyond a culture of victimization and start understanding Israel as a fully functional nation-state which is too be held to the same accountability as everyone else.

  4. The real question is, what can we do about his remarks? What’s the correct vehicle for publicly calling him to task on this?

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