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  1. Thanks for cross-posting the interview. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “breezy” but, in my defense, I will say I was truly disarmed by how normal and genuine the mashgiach was. It led to a very different type of conversation than I was expecting.

  2. Excellent post. (Why wasn’t he asked about the Meth labs, sexual favors, physical abuse of employees etc?)
    The Rubashkin thing is a modern day lynching.
    Facts are manufactured on nothing but bloggers’ ridiculous assumptions, then character assasination and boycott.
    This company was first tageted by peta then the INS. Now the conservative movement and “mainstream” has joined in this lynching. Glad they are showing the world who they really are.

  3. Merliner, I agree it’s become a pile-on as more and more people are forced to take a position on the issue. In that way, it’s not unlike any other issue out there. The juiciness about this Rubashkins case is that it’s got a lot of hard research behind it — undercover PETA employees, INS investigations, disgruntled employees, and other third-party confirmations. People are looking (and the Rubaskins are hoping) for that confirmation that this was blown out of proportion…but they’re not finding it.
    But I think Zalman did more damage to the Rubashkins than speculation here — I read this as a pretty clear explanation that the Rubashkins are quite uninterested in their work. The drive for profit is their main goal, and they’ve become pretty unabashed about it, which confirms the core criticisms: as Jewish business owners, they’ve been negligent. They’re bad business owners. That’s both an operational and a moral condemnation.
    I think Zalman’s testimony here confirms an operational negligence; the moral one is left up to the rest of us.

  4. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “breezy”
    I think… it was hard to put my finger on. He seemed so unattached to the various goings-on (I actually meant him, not the interview itself) -it was great that he wasn’t defensive, and that he openly admitted that he thought those problems could exist, but it just felt so…so…divorced from it all..?

  5. KFJ
    “The drive for profit is their main goal.” No shit!
    That is why people go to work and get jobs.
    Don’t condemn them for hiring illegals and simultaneously criticize those wishing to close the borders and eject illegals.
    Reports indicate that the strating wage for all emplyees was above the minimum wage. These folks were not forced to work – they appreciated the opportunity to make money.
    Pilgrim’s Pride was raided some months ago (world’s largest poultry plant) do you condemn them?
    Which company is in business to lose money?!
    Baseless allegations of sexual and physical abuse have progressive Jewish orgs boycotting Agri. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Moyzi shem ra? Lashon hara? Midvar sheker tircak? Al tadin chavercha ad shetagia limkomo?
    Y’all are a bunch of lame lynchers at best.

  6. merliner;
    gut gezugt.
    none of these lyncher assholes say anything about any other company in the world who may be guilty of the same “crimes” or worse.
    what it is, is a few liberal jews looking for recognition in the Torah observant world. they want their shitah to matter, when quite frankly most religious jews dont give a rats ass. hechsher tzedek, uri l’tzedek blah blah.
    somehow it seems as though they only target hemisheh company’s.
    i could bet that if someone would investigate hebrew national, they’d find as much “dirt”.
    a bunch of hypocrite lyncher’s.

  7. they want their shitah to matter, when quite frankly most religious jews dont give a rats ass. hechsher tzedek, uri l’tzedek blah blah.
    Gut Gezugt to you too, Jacob, for revealing the fact that “religious” (i.e. Haredi Orthodox) Jews really don’t care about anything in the Torah at all.
    åàäáú ìøòê ëîåê – æä ëìì âãåì áúåøä

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