Introducing CampusJ

Give it up for former Protocols publisher Steven I. Weiss, who launched a brand new site this morning — CampusJ: Jewish Collegiate News. The site will feature Jewish bloggers from universities around North America, blogging on issues pertaining to Jewish life on campus. Today’s micro-launch begins with bloggers from Columbia, NYU, Hunter, & YU. The site’s design, coding & hosting is, of course, by yours truly.

5 thoughts on “Introducing CampusJ

  1. OK, Mr. Site Designer, Coder, and Hoster – when I click on the Matisyahu ad, I get a blank page with a “Template error” error dialog box.

  2. Daniel – We’d like to reach as many campuses as possible. However, since we’re looking for quality people, we’re dealing with a search for individual applicants, not to fill holes at certain campuses. If you or someone you know sounds like a good fit for us, please check out our “write for us” page.

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