4 thoughts on “IPCT meets George Strombouloupolous, "Canada's Letterman"

  1. How dare you make fun of our suffering, you zionists! You have no idea what the occupation is REALLY like. One day the zionist soldiers took over my refugee camp. Then they dishonored my mother. Then they dishonored my father. Then they dishonored my little sister. Then they dishonored my donkey. And that donkey was a virgin! Then they dishonored my olive tree. But they wouldn’t stop there. They drained my little brother’s blood and used it to make fuel for their zionist rockets. NOW you know why the United Nations Human Rights Council made Israel its permanent agenda item. We are going to expose your crimes, zionists. And your “comedy” won’t do you any good.

  2. George Strombouloupolus is the friggin man!!!! He’s a like a god up here…. but he’s more like a cross between John Stewart, Carson Daly, and Peter Jennings

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