Iraq: Not A Fan Of Shabbos

News Limited reports,

Hundreds of Iraqi students have demonstrated to protest a government decision to extend the weekend to include Saturday, denouncing the scheme as a “Zionist plot”.

Irate high school students marched through Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, denouncing outgoing Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s decision to extend the weekend from the traditional Islamic holy day of Friday to include Saturday.

“We don’t want Saturday as it is a Jewish holiday,” the crowd chanted.

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12 thoughts on “Iraq: Not A Fan Of Shabbos

  1. it wasn’t early christians — it was the catholic church. and it wasn’t to diss the jews, but to distance themselves from them.

  2. actually i heard it was because they wanted it to be the day of the pagan holiday as they were picking up pagan rituals..originally christianity shared the same shabbat as us

  3. Iraqis commonly refer to all Americans as ‘Jews’. You think SH may have warped their minds a bit in this regard?

  4. It’s actually good that they not accept Saturday as a day of rest since in messianic times coming soon, they will be our servants.
    Now that Mob brought up the subject, wouldn’t it be a good idea for them to move their rest day (Muslims don’t really have a ‘rest day’, Friday just has extra prayers) to Sunday like the Romans did? Friday will still be hectic with shabbat cooking and preparations, and we’ll need them around to clean up and run last minute errands, get the ironing, etc…

  5. I have an IDEA!!! All leftists and APologists shoulld go there and welcome these high school students and invite them to theier Shabbos table, and show them how beautiful Saturdays off really are!!! Come to them with open arm..

  6. the smart thing to do, aside from politics and such would be to make the weekend fallow the american weekend. why? because the whole point of a weekend is to rest from the work week, and the global work week is determined by the american work week, and on a small part, the chinese work week (which fallows the US). you want to make a backwards country, make the weekend wednsday and thursday, who cares. thats why stocktraders wake up at 5am on the west coast to trade real time on the east coast.

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