10 thoughts on “Iraq Turning into Israel?

  1. It’s not so much ominous as it is historically consistent. It’s what the leadership of the Arab world does. The Arab establishment is all about deflecting attention, responsibility and blame for its history of internal totalitarianism and international failure away from itself and onto a “common enemy.” For its own sake the Arab-Muslim establishment (as manifest in the UN General Assembly delegations of member-nations in the Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conferences), desperately needs to keep its 850 million people across 57 nations from the Atlantic coast of Africa to the Pacific Rim convinced of the existential threat from one Jewish state of 6 million people on 20,000 sq kms of Mediterranean coast.

  2. So, when the US pulls out of Iraq, are they setting a precedent that the White Western infidels will leave, ya just gotta kill enough of ’em?

  3. yeah the checkpoints, bulldozing of houses of “suspects”, assassinations from Apache helicopters
    the Israeli assistance in “urban ‘fighting’ techniques”…
    all just coincidental
    If you see any similarity to the Israeli occupation you must be an anti-Semite

  4. Anti-Semite such a fabrivated word in total to avoid being attacked. You want to hold on so tight to it as a defence to scare other from digging deep to find the truth. Well the truth is on the surface of every jew. You are born to hate and think that you are supperior to anyone who is not jewish, you are learn to have sympathy to jews but no others. You have evil blood running in you because that is the only way you can feel no guilt of what your people have done. Call me anti semite because I usually use toilet paper with the word smite and jew on it.
    You blood sucking murderers who are so ignorant and so happy of when other suffer.

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