Is Israel a “swing state”?

swissinfo.org asks: “Is Israel [a] ‘swing state’ that could tip US election?”

Israel, sometimes referred to as the “51st state” for its embrace of all things American, has become a key battleground.

It is home to an estimated 250,000 U.S. citizens, America’s fifth-largest community abroad, many hailing from swing states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

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[Update] Haaretz reports a sharp rise in Israeli-American voter registration. Dual citizens who haven’t voted in American elections in 40 years are requesting absentee ballots… (c/o Arieh)

6 thoughts on “Is Israel a “swing state”?

  1. 250 000 Israel/Americans?
    Has nefesh b’nefesh been secretly working overtime?
    Does this mean 250 000 eligible voters?
    Either it’s a slight exageration, or this means that about 4% of Israelis have US passports.
    From what I’ve read, the number is ‘slightly’ lower.

  2. Meh- sounds like a statisic that Ralph Nadar would love – what with Israel controlling the US presidential election and all…..

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