Is it a play?

While I’m not a New Yorker (yet…), I’m very excited about seeing Modern Orthodox at Dodger Stages. It’s a gal’s dream come true: I know I’m showing my age if I say The Breakfast Club defined my early teenage fashion sense – listen to those pink bangles jangle – for this you get not one, but two celebrities-formerly-known-as: Molly Ringwald (every John Hughes movie ever) and Jason Biggs (American Pie) grapling with issues of faith and each other. Allegedly. They use Yiddish words, and everything. Only in New York, as they say. Or, as my grandma used to say, Merikey.

5 thoughts on “Is it a play?

  1. Is it not great that the only aspect of judiaisim you can identify with is some dudes watered down version of life for the modern jew

  2. Of course it’s not the only aspect of Judalism I can indentify with. But I live in London and New York has a very exciting Jewish feel to it (different from London) and I’m there in Jan so I was checking out the theatre. S’all.

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