2 thoughts on “Is social justice the soul of Judaism? Day 2

  1. Mobius, yasher koach on an eloquent response to what quite frankly struck me a juvenile argument by Weiss. I could go on about Weiss’ ridiculous definition of social justice, his insistence that Judaism cannot evolve, or his appeal to history which is utterly lacking in historic context…but Mobius already had these points covered.

  2. Mobius, great post. I’m going to stay tuned to this conversation.
    What you touch on vis a vis God and law is at the heart of the questions that Michael Walzer asks in the book he edited Jewish Political Tradition volume one. I think that you have expanded the conversation so that it is not about the realtively new American concept of ‘social justice’ but is about both justice and society’s obligations to those who have less power.

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