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Israel Advocacy on campus continued…

Here’s an op-ed I wrote in the Jerusalem Post about the Size Doesn’t Matter campaign (video and intense discussion on Jewschool here) and Israel advocacy/hasbara on college campus in general. Love to hear Jewschoolers’ reactions, especially those on college campuses. What is happening on the ground? Is meaningful conversation possible? What are the organizations, people, clubs, etc., that help you engage with Israel in meaningful ways?

4 thoughts on “Israel Advocacy on campus continued…

  1. Here at Drew University, we have a group in the grad school called The Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict. This semester, the CRCC has began a program for undergrads called Drew Peacebuilders. They don’t focus exclusively on Israel/Palestine, but they do work on that by brining grassroots orgs to campus to do workshops. It’s a great new group to have at Drew.
    Drew is also great in that MESA, MSA and Hillel all get along and sponsor events together, like last week’s Kosher/Hallal Cook-Off.

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