Israel Fundraiser in NYC

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been sitting in front of the TV or computer screen and wondering what you can possibly do. If you’re anything like my friend Zachary Thacher, who runs the Kol HaKfar downtown minyan, you’re actually doing something about it. He’s organizing an event this Thursdayto conclude Tisha B’Av and raise money for Israeli charities. Here’s the information:
Please join me Thursday evening August 3rd at the M&R Bar to raise funds for Israel, to party and to demonstrate our solidarity. The night before many of us will listen to the Book of Lamentations as we mourn the loss of the Temple and our sovereignty. On Thursday night we will say l’chaim to friends and open our pocketbooks to celebrate our inevitable triumph.
M&R Bar — 8pm
356 Bowery, basement, east side, b/w W 4th and Great Jones.
Suggested donation to the ” UJA-Israel Solidarity Fund”: 95% of your dollars will go to Israel.
Bring checks — those are the paper things before online banking — or cash and I’ll donate it for you. Yes, you’ll have to trust me.
Sugar daddy/mama: $54
Gainfully employed: $36
Student, artist, not-so-gainfully employed: $18
Hoping to meet Sugar Daddy/Mama: $6
For those of you who are fasting, it ends at 8:47pm. Come at 8:48pm.

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