5 thoughts on “"Israel, Good Job!"

  1. I loved the skit. It’s great even if you’re not familiar with the specific Channel 2 reporter they’re satirizing. I think we all know folks a little off the deep end like that.

  2. It’s not “Israel bashing.” Nor is it the least bit funny (and yes I am familiar with the context and the person being parodied).
    This polemic surrounding Israel’s relief efforts in Haiti will go down as one of the lamest media events in history.

  3. Well, I found it pretty damn funny. But that’s just me…
    Justin, I assume that the polemic rootless is referring to is the one over Israel’s motivations for sending assistance to Haiti. It’s been a point of speculation since the team arrived there.

  4. yeah, Miri, that’s it. this idea that Israel’s sending aid to a devastated country should spawn this tortuous week of “debate” surrounding the gov’t’s *true* motivations (cue spooky music), complete with blog posts, Ha’aretz op-eds, and even an NY Times wrap-up summarizing the more ridiculous pieces from the Israeli press: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/22/world/middleeast/22israel.html?emc=eta1
    Classic combination of “no-good-Israel-deed-goes-unpunished” and “no-NY-times-issue-can-go-to-press-w/o-an-Israel-related-piece.” Typical Israel-Palestine porn.

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