Israel Insider: Fair and Balanced, Just Like Fox

“Israel Insider is an independent, nonpartisan online publication that aims to provide an ‘inside perspective’ on the latest news, analysis and commentary from and about Israel.”

Which is why they’re kissing Women in Green director Nadia Matar’s ass, giving her and Moshe Feiglin a soapbox from which to espouse openly against the Gaza withdrawl, and are going out of their way to make the government agency responsible for the withdrawl look as insidiously evil as possible with one of the snarkiest and most obnoxious pieces of “news journalism” ever presented as such.

Mmm, gotta love that nonpartisanship!

9 thoughts on “Israel Insider: Fair and Balanced, Just Like Fox

  1. So the Israeli Insider should only post editorials that are on par with whatever the government decrees?
    How about if they only post articles that agree with your opinions? Would that be satisfactory?
    Moshe Feiglin is a hero. He is only stating what the the Likud party feels. Sharon is a renegade.

  2. Gotta love that ethnic cleansing. Keep the Jews out of the Jewish cities. I’m sure that will make it much easier to keep the rockets from being launched and weapons from being smuggled through Egypt.
    Israel Insider, how dare you be against moving Jews from their homes in Jewish cities!

  3. Mobius:
    I’m confused. Are you saying that they are not fair and balanced because they have commentary from a point of view you don’t espouse.
    I looked over the site, for the first time after reading your initial article. I didn’t read everything, but what I saw was more even politically than some other news sources.
    What news source would you truly feel is either non-partisan or ‘fair and balanced’?
    Just because a ‘news’ organization takes a position that is opposed to the one you believe on a particular issue does not make them Partisan. It means they have taken a stand on that issue.

  4. Mobius:
    I understand your point. I think the problem is that no one source is going to be non-partisan. That is the reason that your blog is so useful. I enjoy reading and listening to Arutz Sheva. I agree with things that they say. I read everyones opinion here. I find that to helpful in locating other news outlets that have other opinions.
    The reason that no one source is going to give a fully non-partisan point of view is that it is hard for a large number, if not all, people to review an idea from someone from a different view point. It is not impossible, but just think about how you approach any of the stories that you post. It is not from a position of neutrality. My isn’t either. I tend, when comes to Israeli/Jewish affairs, to be on the more conservative side of the issue. I am not always right, and I will frequenlty try to see the other side of the issue. I don’t always succeed, but I try. I find the internal dialog I get from attempting to view the other side of an issue to be very educationals, it usually allows me to find a middle ground.

  5. the thing is, we don’t claim to be nonpartisan like israeli insider does. in the editor’s note it says straight up, we take things from a liberal/progressive standpoint most of the time. we’re upfront about our politics. israel insider is trying to pass itself off like it’s representative of the multidemensional mainstream voice in israel by claiming nonpartisanship. but something like half the country is in favor of the gaza withdrawl. where’s that voice being represented on their site? it isn’t. so, cleary it’s not israel insider, it’s “one view of israel insider”.
    journalists have a responsibility to objectivity and nonpartisanship. i do not get this from their pub.

  6. Mobius:
    First I ws not trying to say you were claiming to be non-partisan. I was trying to point out that every organization is going to present the material from the perspective as they see it. Going back to the original post, Fox News claims to be ‘Fair and Balanced’ and from their perspective, because they present a nominal view of the ‘other side’ they are fair and balanced. CNN, while also slanted on issues does the same thing. They will present the issue from what they see as being ‘fair and balance.’
    Journalists have a responsiblility to report the news as they see it. Objectivitiy will rarely be a part of it as they, like you and I, have a distinct perspective on what they are reporting, they may think, as an individual, that they are being non-partisan, but you can frequently tell what their perspective is.
    Going back to CNN, as that is the TV news I watch the most, I don’t like the way they cover the internation news frequently, I believe it has a slant to it that doesn’t always reflect my perspective on the issue. And I find that many of their international correspondants are various biased on the story being report.
    To expect others to be completely with out a reporting bias is viewing the situation rather narrowly. It is vary possible that as far as Israel Insider can tell they are being non-partisan because they are presenting views they don’t agree with in some way, even though you see their reporting as being partisan. I had started to say highly partisan, but I am not clear that that is what you are stating.
    I hope this clears up what I was trying to say. The late writing for me has to stop, I think I am typing clearly and they read it later and see that I didn’t always make my point very well.

  7. israelinsider definitely presents a wide range of opinion, though because of its pro-israel nature, it seems centre-right.
    Mob, why does it bother you that Matar and Feiglin are given room on the soap box? The same box is also given to the ultra-extreme left-winger Uri Avnery occasionally.
    I like Matar and her upfront attitude. Too few Israelis are willing to say what they really think. What the government and media is doing to scare her is disgustingly anti-democratic.

  8. The Disengagement Authority sent letters detailing the planned expulsion to the addresses of residents who were killed in terror attacks.
    1,700 personalized letters were sent out this week by the Disengagement Authority to the homes of residents slated for expulsion as part of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement Plan. The letters were also sent inadvertently to residents who had been murdered in terrorist attacks over the past years.
    “Only one who conspires to uproot people from their homes is capable of offering compensation and relocation to those murdered defending their homes, in the dying hope that the land they lived on would be acquired through their blood,” Miriam Eldar, a resident of Sa-Nur, told Arutz 7. “The Prime Minister’s Office and his messenger Yonatan Bassi display their treachery, insensitivity and just how out of touch they are with the reality in Israel. Bassi’s letter will be thrown in the trash and Sharon’s expulsion plan will also fall into the dustbin of history.”
    Signed by Disengagement Authority head Yonatan Bassi, the letters deal with the rights of residents to receive compensation from the government for their property. The letters promise full confidentiality and invite residents to begin receiving advanced compensation.
    “We are well aware of the many personal, societal and economic ramifications of this program,” conclude the letters. “We will do all we can to help you in the most sensitive, fair and professional manner that we can.”

  9. yeah, ok aviva. after 9/11 the u.s. government issued renewed visas to the deceased 9/11 hijackers. does the word “bureaucracy” mean anything to you?

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