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Israel Reportedly Proposes to Swap Marwan Barghouti for Pollard

Israel has proposed freeing a leader of the Palestinian uprising if the United States releases Jonathan Pollard, the former Pentagon analyst convicted of spying for the Jewish state, Army Radio reported Sunday.
Army Radio quoted Israeli security officials as saying that the release of [Marwan] Barghouti, a leading figure in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party, could help Fatah wrest power back from the Islamic militant group Hamas and restore stability on the Palestinian street.

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If this is true, I am baffled – what exactly is supposed to be the motivation for the US ?

3 thoughts on “Israel Reportedly Proposes to Swap Marwan Barghouti for Pollard

  1. I grew up my whole life going to rallys for Pollard, hearing about Pollard and defending Pollard. To me this is an exciting thing. It would be great to have Pollard back. It would seem to me, a layman, that the US would want to create “stability” in the region and try and usurp power from Hamas. The US may believe that Barghouti might be able to provide that and it would therefore be a worthwhile trade. We get Pollard and Barghouti will seemingly join Fatah. I suspect reality will be a bit different and he will wind up more with Hamas but hey, i still get Pollard back. However, I remain skeptical that this will even come to pass. I’ll believe it when i see it!

  2. anyone who calls a sitting president pro-israel while this dude is still in prison, needs to be splashed with some cold water so they can WAKE UP!

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