Israel spurns Ugandan Jews

Israel is now planning to fetch home some of the most scattered Jews, the Falasha tribesmen of Ethiopia, but for this Ugandan community there is no answer to [their prayers].

This author acts like the Jews in Dimona didn’t go berserk trying to get Sharon to let the Falashans into the country, as if somehow they were just accepted. Sorry…not quite.

However, considering Israelis are emigrating like crazy, and many Eastern Europeans who took up residence in Israel are heading back to Germany, you’d think Israel would want to help grow its declining population. Then again, if you presume all these people are going to be on welfare…

Another interesting point: “Everywhere there are sects claiming to be Jewish—in South Africa, in Ghana, even in Japan. If Israel took us, they might all want to come.” Well, if the goal is abject messianism—contingent, of course, on the Jews returning to Zion from the four corners of the earth—that’d be a good thing, no?

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let the Christian Zionists pay for it! Tell ’em it’ll bring Jesus that much closer to coming back…

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