Israeli Authorities Hunt for Olive Tree Saboteurs

JPost reports,

With the different law enforcement agencies stepping up their involvement to combat the uprooting and destruction of Palestinian olive trees, security officials believe it will only be a matter of time before additional perpetrators are caught and brought to justice.
The sources warned that failure to act swiftly and aggressively to halt the malicious acts could lead to an escalation in violence.
“A farmer who is physically attacked and unable to work his fields could turn into a potential terrorist if the situation is left unchecked,” a source said.
According to security officials, from 2003 until the present day over 2,400 olive trees were destroyed by unknown culprits. In 2005 alone, a total of 1,200 trees were cut down, poisoned or set on fire.
“Once and for all the situation has to be addressed; if settlers are not involved then their names should be cleared. If it is proven that the destruction of the trees is the work of a handful of hotheads, then that must be made known,” a source in the security establishment told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

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3 thoughts on “Israeli Authorities Hunt for Olive Tree Saboteurs

  1. Mob,
    apparently, israeli tv broadcast a short video clip filmed by settlers of Palestinians themselves who were pruning the trees. It seems that it is common practice after a poor season to do ‘drastic’ pruning on the trees to encourage a better following year. Ask any kibbutznik who works in the pardes. Mofaz decided to open his yap and suggest that every Palestinian would be compensated, and all of a sudden, the amount of pruning increased. Have you seen any of these trees yourself or only what you read in the paper? If a settler wanted to cut down trees, he go right to the base, but these trees have magnificient work done to carefully cut off the branches only.
    Why does it seem that all these stories happen exactly the same time of year after the olive harvest?

  2. the jpost reported on that film today. it was shot by a settler over two years ago. and the issue is not pruning back trees. it’s about uprooting them or hacking them to bits.

  3. Sorry man,
    these stories never happen in September when the fruit is on the tree. Only after the harvest in the late fall, early winter. Every single damn year like clockwork.

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