Israeli Chiefs Opposed Assassination

Ma’ariv reports that Shin Beit Chief Avi Dichter opposed killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

The Head of Israel’s General Security Service (GSS) Avi Dichter has objected to the dawn targeted assassination of Hamas’ leader Ahmed Yasin, defense officials say.

During last week’s cabinet session, Dichter said that in principle he does not object to killing Yasin, but only to the manner in which the operation was planned. In Dicther’s opinion, say the officials, the damage such an operation would generate would exceed its benefits.

Likewise, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reports,

Interior Minister Avraham Poraz says he and Justice Minister Yosef Lapid voted in the Security Cabinet last week against assassinating Sheikh Yassin.

“Certainly those who are perpetrating terrorism, preparing a bomb which we know they are about to place somewhere have to be targeted,” Mr Poraz told Israel Radio.

“But Yassin was not a ‘ticking bomb’.”

Clearly, not everyone there has their head up their ass. Too bad the people giving the orders do.

(c/o Sy Brody)

4 thoughts on “Israeli Chiefs Opposed Assassination

  1. Not a ticking bomb himself, but the overseer and endorser of many to become ticking time bombs. the “spiritual leader” led by endorsing and promoting bloodshed. He used his status to encourage destruction. Expecting 100% for everyone to agree with the decisionis not realistic… clearly other important members of the intelligence community were of the opinion that yassin was indeed a target…
    just the other side of the coin i suppose… lets hope for the best 🙂

  2. Let us remember that Sharon is the same man who wanted to go all the way into Cairo during the war of attrition. But he was stopped by a very simple question posed to him: “And, Arik, what will we do with Cairo ???”
    Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.
    Some of us think with our heart, but Jews are called to think with their heart AND head.
    He’s a poorly learned Jew.
    .rob adams

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