5 thoughts on “Israeli Robot Following Asimov's Laws?

  1. I realize snake killing robots are fascinating, but I’ll repeat, again, that the quality of thought-provoking content on Jewschool has declined recently. I don’t believe it is for lack of material, either. Take this story in today’s Jpost, for example.
    In the middle of a Jewish settlement freeze, the first new Palestinian city is being built 6km north of Ramallah. I know
    a Palestinian from this area – the PA has been trying to get this land from the local farmers for years to build on because it is more flat than other areas. It looks like they finally got it. The nearby settlement of Ateret is on a hill and will be overlooking the city. Jiljiliya (Gilgal, where Saul was crowned), is on the other side of the valley. Their estimated housing prices will be $140-150k. Given the scarcity of new Jewish housing in Shomron and Yehudah, especially over the next ten months, I wonder what would happen if Jews bought up half of this development.
    Of course, Israeli Jews are forbidden from entering Area A, which is under PA control, so it would have to be American Jewish investors who actually buy the properties. I wonder what PA property rights say about foreign ownership. If they change them to prevent foreigners (i.e. American Jews) from buying, they will disenfranchise diaspora Palestinians. The only other option is to create the same kind of bigoted ethnic/racial/religious laws that Israel is accused of. I wonder if there are any Jewish billionaires left to test this whole issue with a nice $15mil purchase (100 units).
    What do citizenship and sovereignty really mean when you can live near Ramallah and drive 30 minutes to work near Tel Aviv? Domiciled in one country, employed in another (within driving distance). The only similar example I can think of right now is the US/Mexico border, which millions of Mexicans cross in the morning to work and return at night. Interestingly, the same pattern we speak of exists there – Americans buy property on the Mexican side because it is cheaper, and commute to work to the US.

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