Israeli Students Get Their Groove On

At the end of the school year in the States, people come crashing down from finals and caffiene, maybe go out to celebrate a bit with friends, pack up their stuff and head out for the summer. It’s mildly eventful, but the major partying is usually saved for the mid-semester Spring Weekend.
Here in Israel, the end of the year is the time for the gigantic gala bashes with some of the country’s bigger bands playing and stuff. The one at Haifa U. is on June 2 and features Hadag Nachash, HaYehudim and Aviv Gefen, among others. The one for Hebrew U in J’lem is on May 23-24, and features (among others) Segol 59, Shalom Hanoch, HaYehudim (again) and that guy with the “Mi Ohev Otach Yoter Mimeni” song, aka The Song That Makes You Really Glad He’s Not Your Ex (So You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting a Restraining Order.) He and Dilate-era Ani DiFranco should duet, I think.
There are other parties all over the country, and non-students can, for most of them, buy a reasonably-priced ticket at the door. Keep your ears open, or check out this (sadly, only in Hebrew) info site here.

One thought on “Israeli Students Get Their Groove On

  1. don’t forget Ben-Gurion University’s student days, June 1-2, witih Ivri Lider, Machina, Ehud Banai, Meir Banai, Shotey Hanavua, etc!

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