11 thoughts on “Israeli Supreme Court OKs Dismantling West Bank Outposts

  1. Unfortunately, for Israel, peace brings with it another problem: our own civil war.
    Israel has had, for some time now, a fifth column, a classic built-in insurrection. Indeed, the “nitted kippa faction” has essentially created their own state within the Territories, a very well funded state. For many, many years TsHal has repeatedly reported the loss of many small and medium level arms. No doubt, some of these have been sold to the PNA (illegally) for high profit. But, many of these arms lay hidden and buried within caves throughout the territories, silently awaiting the day of forced evacuation. Silently awaiting so as to facilitate Jewish hate against fellow Jewish souls.
    One day, we will see the enemy, again: our own homegrown fundamentalist radicals. And, on that day, our dream of a truly democratic, pluralistic, progressive state will be challenged by the same mentality that has degraded and consumed our Aravi neighbors — and we thought ourselves above such.
    Just wait-n-see.
    .rob adams

  2. The international community regards the settlements as illegal. Israel disputes this.
    Look, I disagree with most of you. I’m all for keeping the settlements. But this? WTF should these settlements (reffering to government approved settelments in Judea/Sameria) be considered illegal by anyone? If you think they should be dismantled, which I disagree with, find another reason. Maybe just plain old ‘sucking up’ to the international community. But they are governtment sanctioned communities on land won in a war Israel did not want.

  3. If Israel didn’t want to sign onto the Geneva convention it didn’t have to. But it chose to not only sign it but ratify it in the Knesset in 1951. Accordingly, it is legally bound to observe the conventions as a contracting party.
    The 1949 Geneva Convention applies not only to international armed conflicts but also to occupation.
    Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war states:
    “The occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own population into the territories it occupies.”
    Even the United States has in the past called the settlements illegal, but has more recently used milder language, at least in public.
    The Mitchell report into the causes of Palestinian-Israeli violence that began in September 2000 said:
    “…customary international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, prohibits Israel (as an occupying power) from establishing settlements in occupied territory pending an end to the conflict.”

  4. I don’t get it. They won a war. Why are these considered ‘territories’? They should be considered annexed land.

  5. They were never annexed (unlike HaGolan).
    I guess Israel is above the law, even its own ?
    Some of us forget that even BenGurion realised these lands should, and would, eventually be returned.
    Zionism is being bastardised by those that love land/material more than law/truth.
    .rob adams

  6. Zionism is being bastardised by those that love land/material more than law/truth. Oh please. Listen, I know the Passion thing is going strong. And, yeah, the settlements are an affront, a violation of Israeli’s binding international agreements, and an all-out stupid idea. But let’s not starting getting all Apostle Paul about it.

  7. Yeah, BenGurion sure was a JewForJesus.
    (ahem) Let’s remember our mandate as a people, before G-d and humanity. Then we might just save the State from our own destructive vices.
    .rob adams

  8. Of course BenGurion wasn’t a JewForJesus. He was merely a pragmatic Zionist.
    Let’s call a problem a problem: the settlements and their armed radicals (not all mind you, but many) are, for sure, our 5th Column. They’ll destroy the State, if given the chance.
    I say send ’em packing to behind the GreenLine where they can’t further dig our collective grave any deeper. Added, we’ll save a ton of money in the process for such things as, say, feeding our hungry and re-building our economy.
    .rob adams

  9. Huh? Of course BenGurion wasn’t a JewForJesus. Oh, I’m sorry; I confused you. I meant: duh.
    He was merely a pragmatic Zionist. Um, that’s nice. We weren’t talking about dead Israeli prime ministers; I was suggesting that we criticize Israeli settlements without coming off like the Apostle Paul (Jews and the love of money and all that). It’s not that complicated.

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