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Israel's SNL satirizes Defense Ministry's vapidity

Eretz Nehederet, Israel’s equivalent of lampoon-all-sides Saturday Night Live, defied the 90% of Israeli popular opinion for the Gaza incursion (interestingly enough, the same percentage was sure the mission wouldn’t improve security…oh wait, it didn’t…hmm…) and lampooned the government narrative via this hip hop skit:

Firstly, it’s funny. Secondly, it’s correct. It’s a shame that the talking points regurgitators of mainstream Jewry eat the government’s talking points without considering that governments hedge their bets and spin their misinformation just as much as anyone. The “real” reasons for the war are up for debate and the reality of mutual ceasefire violations and negotiation offers by Hamas are ignored. Israel’s innocence is necessary, which is never, ever ever the whole story. Israel is not a diplomatic victim, and is quite frequently the military aggressor.
There is never “no choice”. And to those of us with a shred of connection to the vibrancy of Israeli politics in-country, it’s a shame to see American Jews dance and sing like puppets to the government beat. Only the American Jews aren’t parodying — they are the parody.
Hat tip to Lisa Goldman via chillul Who?.

2 thoughts on “Israel's SNL satirizes Defense Ministry's vapidity

  1. This wins based on the Umm Kultum reference alone. Also, phresh beats and weaving two languages in a single rap.

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