5 thoughts on “It can happen here. It is happening here.

  1. I really don’t buy that “it” is happening here
    There has always been some degree anti-semitism in America since the first Europeans arrived. Even in the first half of the 20th century there was real violent anti-semitism. There were over 1 million Klan members in the 1920s.
    If anything, in my opinion, Jews in American society have risen through society more and more and at this point Jews wield far more influence than one would imagine we would, based on population statistics. We’re only like 2% of the country yet our influence in government, media, literature is enormous. Black people in America are something like 12% yet I personally believe Jews have way more influence in Congress. When was the last time one of the major parties had a black candidate for President or VP ?
    No doubt, there is a great deal of anti-semitism in America and the world. But still, I get the feeling that right wing partisans like the people at LGF are cynically, and constantly pushing this paranoid idea “It’s 1933 all over again” in order to exploit Jews’ deepest fears.

  2. seriously. if we stopped being so fearful, we would have less to fear. we have an intensely neurotic attachment to our victimhood. it’s kind of amazing seeing it coming from the jewschool generation, i must say.

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