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It's all about the wordplay

Perhaps everyone has discovered this already, but I just spent quite some time doing my first wordling. This, like other word cloud generators gives a fascinating visual perspective of what we focus on when we write. I popped in my resume, my masters capstone project, some notes from one of my classes this week, and a page of jewschool from one day last week.

Does anything surprise you about our image?
I popped in some of my other favorite Jewish blogs to see how jewschool compares. Can you guess what they are?

8 thoughts on “It's all about the wordplay

  1. Does it just look at posts from the front page? I think Mah Rabu is thrown off by one really long post that dominates the current front page; the blog as a whole is *slightly* more balanced.

  2. dlevy! no fair cheating by looking at files names! though i suppose i should have thought that through a little more before posting…
    and yes, BZ, it’s just the front page of each. i thought it was kind of hilarious that one long post could skew a page so much!

  3. Wow, this is such a good idea, I wish I had had it last week. Oh, wait…
    Also, when you do a wordcloud for a website you can just put the url into wordle or some of the other word cloud services (tag crowd) instead of copying and pasting the text. That way it ignores words like comment (which are all over most blogs, because that’s what it says on the link to open the comment box) and author names.
    Here’s a more accurate one for MJL:

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