7 thoughts on ““It’s time for Jews to populate the red states.”

  1. Ain’t it the truth. You wanna be observant but:
    a) the price of living in Toronto/New York/La is crazy
    b) you don’t want to live in a ghetto
    so where do you go in North America? Let’s do what the Tasch Chassidim did…choose a small farming town, and descent upon it like locusts.

  2. Hey, we could use some more Jews here in North Carolina. We have a good mix of the four seasons and we were considered a swing state!

  3. We need Jews to move to Israel, not stick around and waste time in the galut.
    Get the community organized, get help from Nefesh b’nefesh, wrap up everything in the synagogue, lock the door and move to Israel. It’s that simple.

  4. what are you talking about. Jews are like locusts already. NO One has ever respected Jews for anything unless paid. Thats why no country in history has wanted you. go back to isreal and fight it out with the muslims. WE DONT WANT YOU ANYWHERE IN OUR COUNTRY! Stop being such parisitic creatures and maybe others will respect you!

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