5 thoughts on “It's Zohan Meets The Frisco Kid

  1. SO let me get this straight –
    Some guys who clearly hated Jews, but were pushed to act by a police “informant”, tried to leave bombs outside two synagogues, so we should have armed Jews in the pews?

  2. I was just thinking the guy didn’t seem particularly competent, and then he goes and flops over the table. As a vehement supporter of the right to bear arms, I do respect the intent, but I am more troubled than impressed by what I’ve seen of the execution.
    Anyway, on a related note, I recently stumbled across this rather moving short film.

  3. Jeff, that’s what I was thinking as well. They clearly need to read the follow up to the Bronx “threats”. They were fully planted. They were not real threats. Training young guys to carry guns in shul is NOT the answer!

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