5 thoughts on “James Brown's Bisseleh Yiddish

  1. Only slightly sorry to intervene in mourning, here, but let us remember he was also a wife-beater, had some PCP “problems,” and once was arrested for threatening pedestrians with a loaded gun…

  2. a) sometimes a bitch needs to get choked … just ask wayne brady
    b) fuck pedestrians!
    c) what’s his drug habit got to do with you?
    d) did he hit you with a firearm while driving past you high on pcp?
    e) what about all the GOOD things hitler did?
    f) the man’s not even in the ground yet
    g) what the hell did he ever do to you other than give you soul, funk, rap and r&b?

  3. “Sometimes a bitch needs to get choked”? Mobius, you’re creeping me out, here. But, silly, female me — I see no difference between a black musician battering a woman, and a haredi throwing bleach on one.
    Tough shit if reality bums anyone out, here.

  4. I love the man for his MUSIC not for knowing him. Anyone here like Gaugain, he raped little Polynesian girls and made great paintings. Mobius check yourself dude, so offensive to prove no point at all! James bless his troubled heart was less than perfect, but not so on the stage with his cape and the mic. He was a funk super hero, kind of like the American rip-off version of Fela Kuti. Love, Shalom, Salaam, Namaste, whatever…

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