I coined the term Japtivism last year when I spent 20 minutes on the phone with a Victoria’s Secret (ugh, I know!) customer service representative last year convincing them that I DID NOT WANT any more catalogs. I did not want them once a month, I did not want them once a week. I did not want them in my house, I did not want them in the can, I did not want them Sam I am.  Hint to anyone else trying to convince Victoria’s Secret that no means no- have a catalog on hand to give them the sorting number from the mailing label.After my triumph over the Victorian Empire, I was emboldened to continue shopping/consuming smarter. I paid for a subscription to Green Dimes, a service that gets you off mailing lists and reduces waste. I even got them for family members’ birthdays. It’s been a good investment, as I’ve seen a tremendous drop in junk mail, more than just putting myself on the no junk mail list. And today, after some deliberation, I ordered something I’ve only dreamed of owning– my very own seltzer maker. The Penguin makes me seltzer whenever I want. Stores it in reusable glass containers. (No plastic to worry about leaching and other nonsense.) And it’s shabbes friendly. As a person who consumes seltzer almost every day, and throws away selzter bottles quite frequently, I only wonder why I waited so long. Some lingering Santa fantasy, probably. Oh well, he’s not coming. And I’m celebrating with egg creams as soon as my seltzer machine arrives. Huzzah!

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