Jaywalkin’ Jahoods

New Scientist reports,

[Tova Rosenbloom of Bar-Ilan University] and her colleagues watched more than 1000 pedestrians at two busy junctions, one in Bnei-Brak and the other in Ramat-Gan, a largely secular city. They totted up the number of times a pedestrian either jaywalked, walked on the road rather than the footpath, crossed without looking for traffic, or crossed without holding an accompanying child’s hand.

The ultra-Orthodox inhabitants of Bnei-Brak were three times as likely to break these rules as people in Ramat-Gan, the team found.

Rosenbloom thinks that ultra-Orthodox faith might contribute to this cavalier behaviour by making people respect religious law more than state-imposed rules. It is also possible that religious people take more risks because they are more fatalistic and have less fear of death.

Give it up for the orthodox anarchists…

8 thoughts on “Jaywalkin’ Jahoods

    Another racist study out of israel(THERE SPECIALTY) Why find the cure for aids or cure disase when you can study what the religous people do because that serves a very important purpose .CAnnt these people find more constructive things to do and i bet SHINU paid for the study

  2. It must be a lot of fun to be an anarchist in an orderly world, where everyone else plays by the rules (more or less). But would it be fun to be an anarchist in an anarchist world?

  3. Hey its not just the Orthodox who like to play with the traffic! Remember people were here before the automobile! You’ll often find me climbing over barriers to cross where I want. But then I’m bloody minded 🙂

  4. “But would it be fun to be an anarchist in an anarchist world?”
    The CEO of Wallmart would be considered an anarchist in an anarchist world.

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