11 thoughts on “JCPA endorses two-state solution…15 years late

  1. Hey, KFJ, check your facts. While they might have fought over the exact wording, the JTA article seems to say that the OU voted for the resolution in the end. It sounds like it was a good discussion, but bottom line they agreed. We should applaud them for agreeing, and hold them responsible in the future to that position that they staked out today.

  2. Ooh, KFJ, my bad, sorry. Yeah, the UTJ writes that that the OU did vote for the resolution, but if you all check out the last little bit of the document, it includes a statement that the OU does dissent from supporting a two state solution.
    Well, it’s good to know then that even within our messed up Jewish world, two state is apparently consensus, and it is really only the Orthodox Union that is alienating itself.

  3. 15 years late? This seems like 40 years late in my book. While its incredible they did not do this during Oslo, they should have done this from the start of the occupation.

  4. BZ, we can hope. I noticed that the resolution language “calls on” American Jewish institutions to support the Israeli government in the compromises it seeks, but I wonder how vociferously they WON’T do so compared to the Lebanon rallies, the Iran rallies…

  5. It’s certainly an odd time to endorse a two-state “solution” when the closest thing that exists to a Palestinian state is pounding Israel with missiles.

  6. Of course it is–it’s a functioning elected government ruling over a territory and picked by that territory’s residents. It provides services and rules over the people and controls access to the territory–what else is a government? The situation was no different when the PLO/Fatah were in charge of Gaza: missiles and artillery were striking Israel every day.
    The case officer who directed the Jerusalem school massacre last week, and possibly the perpetrator, were on the Fatah payroll and residing in PLO-controlled Bethlehem. That’s one reason why it’s a strange time to issue an endorsement for such a “solution”.

  7. KFJ, the rockets have gone on for years with no substantial Israeli response. Considering that the missiles increased after Israel made Gaza 100% Jew-free in 2005, how else should Israel stop them? Would it be better for Israelis to just absorb the rocket attacks without complaint?
    That also doesn’t address the issue of the other half of the Palestinian governing system, PLO/Fatah, being heavily invested in anti-Israeli violence.

  8. after Israel made Gaza 100% Jew-free in 2005
    They could have tried to apply for Palestinian citizenship. But why should I pay for their antics?

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