10 thoughts on “JDL Member Krugel Murdered In Prison

  1. Fishy, fishy scenario all-around. Don’t get me wrong, the JDL is comprised of wackos, but obviously Rubin didn’t “slit his own throat and throw himself off a balcony” in prison. And from what I’ve heard Krugel got screwed hard by the prosecutors, who reneged on his plea deal (he pled guilty and then still got twenty years). They sealed up the documents regarding his sentencing and refuse to release them even after being sued by some media organizations.
    The whole thing is shady.

  2. I don’t see anyone claiming he killed himself. He was probably attacked by one of those prison “nation of Islam” types. I don’t believe he was framed either.. He confessed, and pleaded for mercy from the courts claiming he had repented. Kahanist like Barry Chamish claim Shimon Peres killed Rabin, for heaven sakes.

  3. The FBI is known to have anti-jewish sentiment. They won’t hire Arab translators who are Jewish for fear of offending the Muslim ones. They’re charging an AIPAC analyst with espionage for merely sending info of an impending suicide attack to Israeli authorities. And now these JDL leaders both have been killed on the same day, three years apart for charges and evidence that has been sealed and been made unavailable to the public. These guys aren’t whackos. People who knew Irv Rubin said he was a sweet gentle man who tried to help everybody.

  4. Dameocrat, I said that Rubin obviously didn’t kill himself, not Krugel. They’re two different people. And from what little I’ve read from the JDL, they are indeed wackos. I don’t know about these two particular cats, and don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but the JDL is known for being extreme right-wing militant racist nuts. It does nobody any good to be associated with them, as we can plainly see here.
    Julia: “Live by the sword, die by the sword. Who cares?”
    Who are you, Puff Daddy? Thanks for the fortune-cookie wisdom, master Splinter.
    Whether you personally empathize with Krugel or not, the point is that he and Rubin both appear to have been at least somewhat targeted for persecution by the justice system. Rubin’s death was obviously a cover-up, and Earl was not only allowed to be killed but had already been double-crossed by prosecutors who reneged on their own plea deal.
    Now what these guys are accused of is bad, but they still deserve fair treatment, and furthermore it should be noted that they never actually succesfully killed or harmed anyone. So I think that it’s a bit of a stretch to say that they both deserved to be brutally murdered in prison while law enforcement looked the other way.
    None of us will ever know what really happened behind all this, but the whole thing stinks in my opinion.

  5. If I remember right, NPR had just reported earlier that day that Krugel had petitioned to be protected as ‘other’ instead of being classified as ‘white’. Apparently he feared white supremacists would come after him… looks like he was right.
    It’s really crazy that the prison didn’t protect him better than they did. They KNEW that he would be hunted down by those nazi pigs once he arrived.

  6. Actually I think it’s just as likely he was iced by some Nation of Islam-types as neo-nazis….either way the ultimate blame lies with the system which left him to inevitably be killed by one crazy group of thugs or another.
    The “justice” system, that’s a laugh.

  7. Gosh, it’s really incredible that a racist who advocated violence against others would be murdered in prison. How unusual! But, since he was JEWISH, we really need to make a big deal about this.

  8. No, Julia, it’s just like Mobius said… “even a convicted criminal has rights”…
    That’s what America is all about.. if we cannot trust that we will be safe under the umbrella of law enforcement, what can we trust? it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, you deserve better that being murdered in prison.

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