31 thoughts on ““Jesus Is A P*ssy”

  1. interesting mobius has to resort to christian imagry to make point about bush. clearly doesnt know enough about judaism to create same statement using the jewish bible. so mobius is not only self loathing (“zionism = naziism”) but ill informed, showing a greater knowledge of christianity than judaism. and what jewish organization is paying for his stay in israel? and why?

  2. Mob,
    I think this is disgusting.
    Sort of like the preganant nun costume some think is amusing on Purim.
    Otherwise, shavuah tov.

  3. Oh come on guys it’s just a JOKE!
    You could have done the same ad for any political candidate and it would be just as apt and (not so) funny.
    I have a hard time understanding why a bunch of Jews would find this “offensive” although it is overt and unPC.

  4. mofucka? didnt realize the school we were talking about was the 9th grade. shades of columbine, hope israel bans foreignors from possessing fire arms.

  5. I read this blog all the time and could be, in some ways, considered a Christian, and I think it’s histerical. This is going on my desktop.
    Remove the stick and lighten up a little.

  6. “Being that it is expected of us as a holy people to act with dignity and integrity, if we don’t live up to that expectation it is a chilul Hashem.” Rabbi Yaacov Haber

  7. That if fuckin’ awesome! Jesus was a fine Jew-boy, listen to him liberal message of social justice. We should be proud. Damn Bush for sliming Jesus. Damn Bush to Hell.

  8. Well, I’ll go on record as saying I’m extremely uncomfortable with seeing it on Jewschool. The Jewish upbringing I grew up with included the idea that making public light of other people’s religions — or anything that might be so interpreted — is just something you don’t do.

  9. I don’t think this is making light of another person’s religion. Rather it is pointing to the fact that the Bush campaign is willing to smear and castigate his opponent with a ruthlessness that is disgraceful. That and I think it’s sort of funny because he espouses so-called ‘Christian Values’, but doesn’t seem to put them into practice. Of course only George Bush is allowed to own religion in this campaign, since the republicans are the guardians of morality and values in this country. . . I think I’m going to be sick.

  10. Not funny cuz I am going to vote for bush.
    If I was anti bush, would think it was funny.
    Still uncomfortable about apropriating Christian symbols, but then I grew up in Boro Park

  11. i wonder if any of you naysayers recognize the alfred e. neuman in the corner indicates that this ad came from mad magazine.

  12. hey Avi, i also grew up in Boropark!
    B.P. represent!
    …this completely offtopic comment brought to you by:

  13. I noticed the mad logo-
    But for some reasons I didn’t read the headline (I guess I was distracted by the enormous graphic) *that* is a little offensive actually- to Christians and to women- never mind the Nivul Peh…

  14. Joshua, I don’t think this is making light of another person’s religion. Rather it is pointing to the fact that the Bush campaign is willing to smear and castigate his opponent with a ruthlessness that is disgraceful.
    We disagree, I’m afraid. When I see the parody, I saw large pictures of Jesus with captions and speech bubbles. Although I understand the desire to criticise the Republican administration’s policies both politically and — as you point out — tactically, I do not feel that creates a license to do what would normally be distasteful or unacceptable. I’m all for a change in administration in your country, but this just gives me a queasy feeling.

  15. tell you what opius and other bush papers: lets forge some antibush papers and present them as news and try and destroy his campaign…..oh sorry, cbs just tried that and were caught out, probably better to let some time pass before attempting that again.

  16. they got “caught out”? no they didn’t. their shit checks out. just because the republican spin machine says it’s bullshit (because they’ve got no other defense in light of this info) doesn’t mean it is.

  17. republican spin machine = washington post, newsweek, etc. soon mobius, youre credibility will sink to dan rather’s.

  18. “I am personally 100 percent sure that they are fake,” said Joseph M. Newcomer, author of several books on Windows programming, who worked on electronic typesetting techniques in the early 1970s. Newcomer said he had produced virtually exact replicas of the CBS documents using Microsoft Word formatting and the Times New Roman font. [the foregoing from todays washingtonpost which destroys dan rather and cbs]. when will that illiterate, infantile, ill advised, parody of a self hating extremest of the left mobius just quietly fade away from shame and embarrassment?

  19. Even inside CBS News there was deepening concern. Some of Mr. Rather’s colleagues said in interviews that they were becoming increasingly anxious for him to silence the critics by proving the documents’ validity and as new questions about their origin arose. Most declined to be quoted by name. [the foregoing from todays nytimes.]

  20. welp, that story is 6 hours old and i’m not focusing on american news these days, so whatever. i really could give less of a shit whether they were forged or not. we know his daddy pulled strings to get him into national guard service. j.h. hatfield reported it before bush even ran for president.
    as for “illiterate, infantile, ill advised, parody of a self hating extremest of the left mobius” … say that shit to my face. fuckin’ herb.

  21. “say that shit to my face. fuckin’ herb” mobius (wonder if he meant “herb” to be “heeb” but backed off at the last second)? and what jewish organization is paying for mobius’s stay in israel? and for what purpose?

  22. What happened to the supposedly notorious Jewish sense of humour? This piece does not mock Jesus, it mocks Bush. Lighten up! Jeesus…

  23. just the fact that you don’t know what a herb is, avi, proves your a herb. but whatever. i forgive you. i don’t like you. but i forgive you.

  24. This is a superbly ironic attack on our dry drunk lunatic president who claims God told him to run for this office, and that God also told him to bomb Iraq. Bush claims to be born again, but thinks that gives him amnesty for his past, present, and future acts of sadism on a global scale. Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Aschroft would send Jesus to Guantanamo.

  25. I have showed a version of this parody from Mad Magazine to several Christian friends and associates who found it to be very funny. I noticed the Alfred E. Newman face as soon as I looked at the item. (I would say that the headline could be offensive to many people.) I felt this was a good attack at how many polititians in the US, not just President Bush, use religion in general and Christianity in specific to build the appearance of charicter during a campaign. I am not questioning the sincerity of the beliefs behind the statements only the use of the belief.
    Much in this current campaign in the US is disgusting on both sides. I would like them to stick to the issues and leave the rest of the BS out. This election, like many before it, is way to important to the future of the country. The mudslinging is just about as annoying as it can be.

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