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Jew-ball gets blocked in Colorado

Sports Illustrated is covering a story about a boys basketball team that might be forced to end their playoff run because they are shomer shabbat.

If Herzl/RMHA makes it to the regional championship and refuses to play a Saturday game, another school would be chosen to take its place, CHSAA commissioner Bill Reader said.
Earlier this month, the Colorado High School Activities Association, which governs sports and other high school activities, rejected the team’s request for a schedule change.

The State Senate got into the action, too:

Senate President Peter Groff, D-Denver, said the CHSAA’s decision was ironic because it has a rule barring games from being played on Sunday for religious reasons.

Full story here.

7 thoughts on “Jew-ball gets blocked in Colorado

  1. sorry to be a hater but isn’t the real story here that a Jewish day school’s basketball team may play for a state championship. anyone ever heard of something like this before?

  2. If this were a Muslim team, the organization would be bending over backward to accomodate their religious requirements.

  3. “what’s this day of rest s*&%?
    what’s this bulls*&%?”
    Did anyone else think of the Big Lebowski when they saw this?

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